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Poole Harbour, Little Sea - Holes BayBorough of Poole
The Borough of Poole is the responsible local authority for the northern part of Poole Harbour and adjoining land. The Council is a Unitary Authority with responsibilities which include the statutory planning function, transportation, environmental protection, coastal protection and emergency planning. The Council is responsible for the preparation of the Local Development Framework including minerals and waste plans, and Local Transport Plans which set out the spatial planning vision and strategy and management of development within Poole.

Dorset County Council
Dorset County Council is responsible for strategic planning, highways and waste management, in areas outside the Borough of Poole unitary authority. Within the 'planning' section there are a broad range of environmental specialists covering the historic environment, ecology, coast and countryside, landscape and sustainability, waste and minerals, which provide information and advice to both the County Council and the Borough of Poole.

Dorset Coast Forum
Dorset Coast Forum is a partnership of key organisations with a vested interest in the Dorset coastline. It aims to encourage co-operation and dialogue between all users of the coast, encourage the gathering and dissemination of knowledge and carrying out of research and to review existing policies, and working towards the production of integrated policies.

Dorset Environmental Records Centre
Dorset Environmental Records Centre is an independent organisation to collate information on all of Dorset's wildlife. It provides an opportunity for local naturalists and conservation organisations to work together.

Dorset Wildlife Trust
Dorset Wildlife Trust aim to protect the wildlife and natural habitats of the county, through managing nature reserve such as on Brownsea Island. Trust also has an advisory input on the marine matters through the Joint Dorset Marine Committee and responds to planning and other development applications.

English Heritage
English Heritage is the Governments’ statutory adviser on the historic environment. It works in partnership with the central government departments, local authorities, voluntary bodies and the private sector to; conserve and enhance and promote the historic environment.

Natural England
Natural England have the responsibility for enhancing biodiversity and our landscapes and wildlife in rural, urban, coastal and marine areas; promoting access, recreation and public well-being, and contributing to the way natural resources are managed. They have a statutory responsibility to advise relevant authorities as to the conservation objectives for European Marine Sites in England such as Poole Harbour. Natural England advise relevant authorities as to the activities which may cause deterioration of natural habitats or the habitats of species, or disturbance of species for which the site has been designated.

Environment Agency
The Environment Agency is a regulatory body responsible for managing the water environment in England and Wales. It also has responsibilities for Waste Management, Flood Risk Management, Fisheries, Conservation and Recreation. In Poole Harbour, surface water is monitored according to EU Directives.

Marine Management Organisation (MMO)
MMO are responsible for the administration of a range of applications for statutory licences and consents to undertake works in the tidal waters and at sea in UK waters and beyond; including marine developments, coast defences, dredging and waste disposal

Maritime and Coastguard Agency
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is responsible throughout the UK for implementing the Government’s maritime safety policy. They work to prevent the loss of lives at the coast and at sea, to ensure that ships are safe, and to prevent coastal pollution.

National Trust
The National Trust is a charity, that protects and open to the public, historic houses and gardens as well as industrial monuments and mills. They also look after archaeological sites as well as natural habitats and they own and manage Brownsea Island as well as the adjacent Studland Beach and nature reserve.

Poole Harbour Commissioners
Poole Harbour Commissioners are the statutory Harbour authority and have responsibilities for conservation, improvement and regulation of the Harbour and play an important role in the implementation of policies in these areas.

Poole Harbour Study Group
The Poole Harbour Study Group is made up of a group of individuals interested in the recording of wildlife and other biological and scientific aspects of Poole Harbour. The group acts to centralise and encourage the dissemination of knowledge about the Harbour but remains neutral about planning and other issues involving Poole Harbour.

Poole Maritime Trust
The Poole Maritime Trust aims to contribute to the publics understanding of Poole’s maritime heritage and that of its immediate surroundings. It has recently formed the Poole Harbour Heritage Project Ltd which as a registered charity, instigates and supports archaeological research related to the Harbour.

Poole Yachting Association The Poole Yachting Association is made up of members of sailing, yacht clubs and associations within the Harbour. It also works closely with other statutory Harbour regulators to help minimise conflict between recreational yachting and other commercial activities.

Purbeck District Council
Purbeck District Council are the local planning authority, determining the acceptability of proposals for new development above the mean low water mark and have a duty to consider their impact on the marine environment.

Purbeck Heritage Committee The Purbeck Heritage Committee is a joint Committee of organisations with an interest in the Purbeck region. It was formed to build partnerships between the bodies involved with the conservation, management and enjoyment of Purbeck, raise resources and keep people informed of progress.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
The RSPB are Europe’s largest conservation charity and exists to secure a healthy environment for birds and wildlife. They are campaigning for comprehensive legislation to achieve better protection of the marine and coastal environment and its wildlife. Around Poole Harbour they own the Arne nature reserve, which annually is home to thousands of wild birds.

Standing Conference on Problems Associated with the Coastline (SCOPAC)
SCOPAC works to promote sustainable shoreline management, and to facilitate the duties and responsibilities of local authorities and other organisations managing the coastal zone of central southern England. It commissions research and reports on various issues and is currently committed to understanding the full extent and impact of climate change.

Poole & Christchurch Bays
Shoreline Management Plan 2
This webiste is home to the local coastal defence strategy review (2007-2010). The Poole and Christchurch Bays Shoreline Management Plan Review (SMP2) is the first revision to the original Shoreline Management Plan (SMP1) produced in 1999.

Southern Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority
Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities will lead, champion and manage a sustainable marine environment and inshore fisheries, by successfully securing the right balance between social, environmental and economic benefits to ensure healthy seas, sustainable fisheries and a viable industry.

The Crown Estate
The Crown Estate owns virtually the entire seabed around the UK out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit and around 55% of the foreshore. They grant leases or licences for work and activities to be carried out on its land and also provide funding for community and practical initiatives to raise awareness and promote sustainable use of the marine environment.

Trinity House
Trinity House are the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. They provide aids for navigation, to ensure safe passage for vessels in coastal and offshore waters. They annually inspect and audit aids to navigation provided by local port and harbour authorities.

Wessex Water Services Ltd
Wessex Water is the regional water and sewage treatment business serving an area of the south west of England, covering 10,000 square kilometres including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire.
Poole Harbour
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Poole Harbour

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